What People Say About Working with Us

"Jeanne Wallace, Ph.D., is a veritable cornucopia of unrivalled knowledge regarding the irrefutable power of Nutritional Protocols, to support the immune system, and in making the human-body inhospitable to cancer. She is a national & international treasure in her specialty, and is renowned by the most respected cancer specialists anywhere, as a true intellect and source of great knowledge. Her deep translational research, and highly-successful work with challenging patient’s cancer issues, over many years, combine to create evidence-based wisdom that has helped thousands of people beat cancer, around the world, even when dealing with stage 4 and terminal cancer challenges. Personally, I know of many patients who are thriving many-many years after receiving terminal prognoses, who credit their unexpected and wonderful outcomes to Jeanne Wallace, and her customized, science-based approach. Her well-conceived programs, including her Radiation Support program, which I have reviewed, should bring great supportive-benefit to anyone who will receive radiation treatments. Her recommendations and conclusions are based on actual studies, clinical research, patient experience, and Jeanne’s keen-uncanny ability to synthesis complicated information into rational programs, that patients can readily assimilate and follow. Personally, If I was diagnosed with cancer, one of my very first phone calls would be to Jeanne’s office, to seek counsel from one of her team members, and/or to purchase her programs to help me through the often-challenging process of dealing with harsh cancer therapies. Finally, in my opinion, the wisdom and counsel offered by Jeanne Wallace and her team, is unparalleled in the world of nutritional and supplementation oncology.
Bottom line: Whether you are facing Radiation Therapy, or any cancer-fighting therapy, or any type of cancer, or stage of cancer, you should seriously consider contacting the folks at Nutritional Solutions to optimize your prospects of a successful outcome. It is imperative, in my opinion, that they should be considered an integral member of “the team,” to support your immune system, to fight cancer, and to bring about the best possible results!
Rick Shapiro, Author Hope Never Dies and Cancer Coach

"Your program is absolutely incredible! My wife said my jaw was literally hanging open as I was reading. It is exactly what I was searching for without even knowing what I was seeking.  We are in complete alignment scientifically and spiritually. You are another blessing and strong connection that have entered my life and reinforced my Divine Cheesecloth. Know that what you are doing is deeply important and touching.  You undoubtedly will be a strong force in my long term survival.
Chris, GBM IV brain tumor

"Michelle Gerencser is not only extremely knowledgeable but also caring and kind and a pleasure to deal with...I have to say that I love having Michelle as my nutritionist. She is an important part of the team that is helping me on my path to wellness."
 —Client with ER+ Breast Cancer

"FYI...good news. I had my 3-month scan and oncologist appointment at Johns Hopkins today. I'm still NED (No Evidence of Disease) after a recurrence last August. This makes me an almost 9-year survivor of pancreatic cancer. You are one of the heroes in my personal cancer journey. Many thanks.” —Dolores, Pancreatic cancer IV

"I will be forever grateful for the great care that you all took and helped heal me through such a crazy time in my life! I was just having a long talk with a friend the other day about the huge gap there is between wellness and the western medicine mentality @ hospitals. I knew I had to be my own advocate and find your company when I received a pamphlet from [my] Hospital that actually encouraged me to eat McDonalds fries and Wendy’s frosties to gain weight during all my treatments. Knowing damn well sugar was my enemy in my fight against brain cancer! Ugh! I will also never forget that it was you that alerted me about my inflammation in 2017! Without this insight it could have taken much longer for [my hospital] to have found my brain infection! I regularly mention your company in my gratitude journal! Thank you again for everything!  —Ariana, AAIII brain tumor since 2016

The meeting with Michelle was a game changer. My daughter-in-law had a terrible week and she was so discouraged and frankly terrified. Michelle took all the terror away and gave us hope. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we all are." —Family of client with ER+ Breast cancer, stage IV

"Jeanne Wallace’s encyclopedic knowledge of the biochemical mechanisms that can feed or, to the contrary, greatly limit the spread of cancer impressed me when I heard her present her results at a conference organized by the National Institute of Health in 2001. As observed by researchers of the NIH, many of the patients Jeanne looked after – while they were receiving conventional medical treatment – survived far longer than originally predicted.  I have been following her advice myself since that time.  I am in her debt for many of the key ideas in my book, Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life – especially her scientific analysis of the different factors constituting the “terrain” and how to influence them with natural interventions. I probably also owe her to a large extent the good health that has enabled me to write, and to enjoy doing it.”
David Servan-Schreiber, MD
Author Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life and 19-yr brain tumor survivor

“I want to say that I enjoy our conversations. I feel like you are my most reliable partner and I have found that reliable, caring people in the cancer field are very hard to find unfortunately. It is so hard living with this disease hanging over our heads but what really compounds the problem is finding people with an open mind. I wish there was just 1,000 more services such as what your team provides. Maybe in the future.”  Husband of client with Brain Tumor

"It was amazing to chat with you yesterday!  I came away feeling 100% validated and much more optimistic! I've learned SO MUCH and am incredibly grateful for your heartfelt support and understanding.  Knowing I have, at the very least, someone to answer my questions and to help address my concerns is very reassuring.  I no longer feel so alone nor isolated. I'm incredibly grateful for this entire team’s breadth of knowledge, experience, and compassion that now "has my back"!  I know there are many others out there trying to accomplish what you do, but you're head and shoulders above the rest and a true leader in this field.  Wow -- just wow!
So, here's to us working together for the next 20+ YEARS!!! LOL! Yes, I'm in this for the long run! A stinking little ol' Stage-IV label is NOT going to stop me from being truly happy and enjoying life (and my retirement) to the max!
Nancy, Breast Cancer IV (ER+) survivor

"Michelle - Once again, a thousand thank you’s for our wonderful conversation today. You have exceeded your amazing reputation. We have a great new plan to start implementing to provide the best care for our father."  Daughters of a client with Brain Tumor

"You have no idea how wonderful a resource you are for me...the information online is vast and detailed and great....except it makes me a bit more clueless on which direction to go.  You are a very appreciated "traffic light" for when I move forward and when I stop on a dime... and I am very grateful.  —Denise, Primary CNS Lymphoma

"I have consulted with dozens of experts across the country, including oncologists from the top-rated cancer institutions, naturopathic doctors, master herbalists, nutritionists, cancer researchers and authors. Dr. Wallace is the one I trust most to maximize the quality and quantity of my life. I have the highest confidence in her wisdom, judgment, and vast knowledge to design a cancer-fighting diet and supplement plan that complements my traditional therapies. She helps me get the most from chemotherapy, minimize side effects, and strengthen me when I am not on chemo. (Many people find it hard to believe that I have had over 30 chemo treatments, across 5 drugs, yet still lead a very active life at 72 years, including golfing.)  My protocol is customized to meet my needs, capabilities, and beliefs. Friendliness and efficient professionalism permeate everyone on her staff—my needs are always met quickly and competently."  — Betty, Peritoneal Cancer, Stage IV

I was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma of the left submandibular salivary gland. After a complete resection of the tumor, I underwent neutron radiation for microscopic residual disease. At every stage of my treatment, medical professionals commented on my quick healing and low level of side effects. I did not have a single mouth sore and was able to continue to eat throughout the month-long treatment. I attribute this considerable lessening of side effects to the protocol developed by Dr. Wallace. She helped me be a cancer survivor, not another statistic."  — Alison, Saliva (Parotid Gland) Head-and-Neck Cancer, Stage II

"After being diagnosed with stage III-c Ovarian cancer  (and previously having had breast cancer), I knew I had to make a change in order to survive the cancer. I wanted to find someone who could advise me about supplements and help me with my nutritional habits. Through the grace of God, I found Dr. Wallace. She has provided me a dietary and nutritional protocol of which my medical doctors approve. Not only has her nutritional advice been rewarding, her attitude is always so positive and enlightening. My quality of life has improved greatly and I have exceeded the expectations of my doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Wallace to all my cancer friends."  — Margaret, Ovarian Cancer, Stage IIIc

“Michelle, thank you so much...Your information was so helpful...You're the best! — An anchor when we are starting to drift!” — Wife of client with Brain Tumor

"Thanks to your and Michelle Gerencser s guidance with the nutritional protocols that made it possible for me to work full time through 12 rounds of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. I learned so much that I'm still eating well.  :-D You do the world so much good!—Beth, Breast cancerstage III

"Dr. Jeanne M. Wallace, of Nutritional Solutions, is a genius in this field.
Since my mom's cancer journey, I've had the privilege of seeing Jeanne's presentations twice, live (along with Rebecca Katz), and now I'm taking a work break in New Zealand to be on her webinar. If you know of ANYONE with cancer, there is SO much hope! Truly amazing research! Your staff helped me on the phone when my mom was practically dead from cachexia (she wasted to 79 lbs from her normal 115) through the very aggressive chemo (clinical trial), which we had to stop early. Just a few minutes on the phone helped to clarify what was happening, and gave me a direction to take (we were talking feeding tubes at that point, which never materialized. my mom was NOT cool with that). And today, she is on her 3rd go-round with reoccurrence, on a different chemo, and living independently again. In pretty decent shape, actually.

Your office is on speed dial because I know we can count on you to help ☀💕💞💕 —Lynn, daughter of 74yr old mom with Ovarian cancer, stage IIIc

"They are a wealth of knowledge and offer a great deal of sound advice which they back with scientific research. They send packets filled with information on a wide range of supplements, off-label drugs, as well as approaches to complement and enhance traditional approaches. They also provide suggestions on how to deal with side effects. Advice for dietary guidelines is given and they can track your progress using your blood test results. In my view, they provide a key missing piece in any brain tumor patient's regimen. HIGHLY recommended. 

—Scott, brain tumor survivor

“Dear Michelle, Once again, (my son) and I would like to thank you for your thoughtful, in-depth guidance of (my son's) supplemental program.  We both felt very encouraged by your advice and information concerning his recovery from the problems of this past month.  We have only spoken to you several times, now, but like all your clients probably, we feel such a strong bond between us.  Your peaceful spirit is palpable and healing, always.  (My son), seems so much better, just having spent an hour with you.  Myself also.  Know that we can't help but feel like you’re family to us, somehow, and pray for you as such. We pray whatever your needs, that they may be resolved and that you will continue in strength and health.  I have never met anyone who has been such a sensitive listener. Endless thanks..  Mother and adult son with Brain Tumor

Hi, Just want to let you all know that mum had her results from her MRI yesterday (after her 6 weeks of radiation and following your program) and the doctors have said that she is cancer-free. We are all in shock just as much as the doctors. I truly believe that this outcome has a lot to do with you guys and the program that you had her on. Thank you very very much. Thank you so so much. We are all in shock really more than anything!!! We truly believe that we would not have had this outcome if it wasn't for the help from all of you. —
Sarah, daughter of client with GBM IV brain tumor

Thanks for all your help.  I BEAT stage 3-B breast cancer with your help!  I took the Oncoblot test 2 months ago to make sure all the stems cells had died…and they HAD.  —Leslie, Breast cancer, IIIb  

It makes me so happy to you refer clients to you guys. I truly believe that Michelle has saved my life. —Jennifer, GBM IV

"I was diagnosed with stage IIB ovarian cancer. This is my second bout with cancer. At the age of 38, I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Knowing that ovarian cancer is difficult to treat with just the conventional methods of surgery and chemotherapy, I immediately realized that I would have to consider a more integrative treatment approach. I contacted Dr. Jeanne Wallace immediately after my diagnosis. She recommended a variety of supplements and dietary changes. Because of Dr. Wallace, I became aware of integrative medicine approaches being used by oncologists in other areas of the country. A completely new horizon opened up for me. What is wonderful is that Dr. Wallace has limited her practice to cancer patients. By doing so, she has an understanding of supplement-drug interactions, this is crucial information for patients undergoing treatment. Also, the recommendations she makes are based on scientific research that is shared with the patient. This is extremely important for getting physicians to recognize the possible efficacy of using supplements as part of the treatment process."  — Sandra Blank, Executive Director, Florida Breast Cancer Resource Network


"Thanks again for all you do in your profession to give help and hope through the information you share with every client.  I am so grateful for getting through chemo so well and with a “quick” and thankfully continued remission.  This diagnosis, at a time when I am still working through other “life storms”, has kept me in the blessed assurance of my God, who has and will continue to walk with me through it all, continuing to bring to me, the gift of passionate professionals like you.  You have lightened a heavy burden of needing information that I haven’t had the energy or mental focus and clarity to search out for myself.  —Debbie, Non-hodgkin's Lymphoma IV

                 "Nutrition is probably the single most important factor in fighting cancer, yet most Western medical doctors have virtually no training in nutrition.  If you want to have a real chance at beating cancer, getting the right nutrition advice is worth its weight in gold.  Fortunately, for brain cancer, we have the folks at Nutritional Solutions, who are world experts in the topic and very kind, compassionate people.  I attribute my sister's success so far in her battle with brain cancer (despite the gloomy death prognostications of the oncologist) in large part to Jeanne’s research and Michelle's ongoing advice and care."
—Sister of brain tumor client

"I continue to hold all of you, there, at Nutritional Solutions, high on my list of "things to be grateful for."  It's a true treasure to deal with such a well-run office and to have access to such expert, trustworthy advice!  —Mary, meningioma brain tumor client