Let us EMPOWER you with effective, evidence-based strategies, 

INSPIRE you to make changes that will nourish your health, and 

GUIDE you on your healing journey.

DISCOVER which "terrain" factors in your body can help you inhibit cancer versus those providing a favorable environment for tumor growth and progression.

SET GOALS to target these factors and learn about evidence-based strategies and supplements.

TRACK your lab work to personalize and monitor your nutritional approach. 

PARTICIPATE in screening for drug-nutrient-herb interactions, using our innovative Drug Interaction Worksheet so you have a team working collaboratively to help you avoid potentially harmful drug-nutrient and drug-herb interactions

CRAFT a Personalized Anti-Cancer Diet. Learn ways your current diet is supporting a healthy "terrain" and identify areas of your diet that can be modified to give you a stronger advantage. Plan specific diet changes to maximize your advantage!

EMERGE from your 1st appointment with a Nutrition Support Planner, an evidence-based plan based on your specific biomarkers. It provides a detailed list of the dietary supplements you’ve chosen under our guidance. You'll learn appropriate dosing, how and when to take your supplements, and recommendations for superior quality products with proven track records

RELAX! You can be confident you're taking the best course of action to complement your medical treatments! Have confidence in your nutrition protocol because it is based on published scientific research (references included in your report) and tailored to your individual needs.

Cancer is multi-faceted, so your approach needs to be a cocktail, not a single bullet. 

We show you how to target the many Hallmarks of Cancer:

  • TALK TO YOUR GENES with specific foods known to suppress the expression of oncogenes and increase tumor suppressor genes
  • CURB INFLAMMATION, those pesky, hidden chemokines that broadcast "grow" messages throughout the body, driving tumor growth and invasion
  • THWART ANGIOGENESIS, the development of a network of new blood vessels to "feed" cancer cells
  • REVERSE METABOLIC REWIRING, to starve cancer cells by restricting their access to fuel
  • Provide the specific nutrients that prompt cancer cells to mature into healthy cells (DIFFERENTIATION) or trigger them to undergo a natural cell "suicide" (APOPTOSIS)
  • BOOST IMMUNE COMPETENCE without overdoing it or activating tumor-recruited immune components and making things worse!
  • REGULATE HORMONES, like estrogen, that have cancer-promoting effects
  • DISMANTLE the METASTATIC CASCADE to help reduce the risk of cancer spreading beyond its original site