No one deserves to suffer through 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments only to discover afterward that the treatment didn't work to its full potential. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to carve 1-2 hours out of this chaotic, stressful time in the wake of your cancer diagnosis, and dedicate it to learning 5 simple evidence-based steps that can make your cancer cells profoundly vulnerable to the killing effects of radiation, while building a protective shield around your healthy cells and lessening your risk of side effects and long-term toxicity.  So you can feel confident you're doing everything in your power to heal and empowered to achieve the best possible response to your treatments.

  • Did you know your protein requirement doubles during treatment and that eating enough protein can help protect your blood counts? 
  • Would you like to know which nutrients sensitize cancer cells to the killing effects of radiation? 
  • Can you name the popular beverage that's been documented in several published studies to inhibit tumor cells from repairing radiation-induced damage to their DNA? (Nope, it's not green tea.) 
  • Do you know which supplements are contraindicated with your treatment? What about antioxidants? Does published research prove they interfere? 

Let renowned cancer-nutrition authority Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, teach you how to maximize your cancer therapy with nourishing foods, nutrients, herbs, and lifestyle strategies that complement your medical care. Leave behind the feeling of chance and enter your treatments feeling PREPARED.

Who can benefit from this program? You know there's no "Magic Bullet" cure for cancer and you're looking for a deeper answer that incorporates a full cocktail of options to target the many angles of this multi-faceted disease. You understand that medical therapies are just one part of the picture and need to be supplemented with steps to heal the whole person. You believe you can heal. You trust your inner wisdom to guide you.

What types of radiation treatments does it cover? This program can be used to complement all types of radiation treatments: standard radiation therapy, Gamma knife, bradytherapy (implanted radioactive seeds) and Proton or Boron-Neutron Capture therapies. It can be supportive whether your taking radiation alone, radiation combined with chemotherapy, or short-term course of radiation to alleviate pain (palliative radiation).

You'll have a slight advantage if you can begin 7-10 days before your treatments start, but will still be plenty helpful if you've already started your treatments.

This multi-media program—based on the acclaimed program Nutritional Solutions has offered thousands of clients since 1997. We help you get started quickly with:

Presentations Short (5-15 minute) beautiful visually-engaging presentations quickly and clearly teach you everything you need to know with Dr. Wallace's clear and concise teaching style. Never get lost in a presentation; you control when to advance to the next slide, or go back and review the previous slide.

Translational Research Reports summarize the most compelling nutrition research on optimizing your diet and supplements to complement your cancer treatment. Dr. Wallace draws powerful, actionable conclusions that we'll help you put into practice. You choose how in-depth you'd like to go: each section has a Quick Recap header that quickly summarizes the information in just a few sentences. Want to delve deeper? Read the full 5-7 page report along with in-text citations.

Toolbox everything you need to take your new-found understanding and put it into action in your life: worksheets, reference guides, a shopping list and recipes.  Worksheets help you tailor the information to your unique circumstances...personalized. There's even a complete reference list. All our programs are evidence-based and includes citations to research published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, so you can feel confident about your nutrition plan.

Worksheets—Innovative tools to help you build your nutrition plan, track and understand your blood work, and identify drug-nutrient interactions.

Reference list All our programs are evidence-based and includes citations to research published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, so you can feel confident about your nutrition plan.

Access to our Hotline Hour (Mon-Thurs), so you can get immediate support for any side effects you may be experiencing, without waiting for an appointment.

Why our clients choose us? Simple. Dr. Wallace's 20+ years of research into the science of cancer nutrition combined with Michelle Gerencser's clinical experience helping clients determine what aspects of the research are clinically applicable in their lives. Not to mention our amazing track record of helping thousands of clients throughout the U.S. and abroad get the best possible outcomes despite their diagnosis and doctor's prognosis. 

What people are saying

"Thanks to your and Michelle Gerencser's guidance with the nutritional protocols that made it possible for me to work full time through 12 rounds of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. I learned so much that I'm still eating well.  :-D You do the world so much good!

Beth, Breast cancerstage III

"After being diagnosed with breast cancer and needing to begin chemotherapy before surgery, I knew I was in for a big journey and nutritional/supplemental support was going to be the key to my success. With good fortune, I was introduced to the dynamic duo at Nutritional  Solutions and began working with Michelle Gerencser immediately.
Michelle was literally a life saver; she is brilliant. Her depth and breadth of oncological nutritional knowledge is outstanding. Her treatment proposal for me was transforming.  I was an active & healthy person before being diagnosed  with cancer, but even DURING and AFTER  chemo, 2 surgeries and 7 weeks of radiation,  I actually feel better, am healthier and stronger with more energy  than before. Her plan allowed me to take control of my life and remain  as “normal” as possible.  Additionally, while adhering to Michelle’s protocol, a  huge source of comfort to me was my child NEVER saw her mom struggling with cancer, my daily life looked the same, just had to go to a few more medical appointments. I can’t thank her enough for making the worst 10 months of my life so bearable/manageable; I didn’t just exist during this treatment period, I THRIVED beautifully. —
Jamie, Breast cancer ER+

"Jeanne Wallace, Ph.D., is a veritable cornucopia of unrivalled knowledge regarding the irrefutable power of Nutritional Protocols, to support the immune system, and in making the human-body inhospitable to cancer. She is a national & international treasure in her specialty, and is renowned by the most respected cancer specialists anywhere, as a true intellect and source of great knowledge. Her deep translational research, and highly-successful work with challenging patient’s cancer issues, over many years, combine to create evidence-based wisdom that has helped thousands of people beat cancer, around the world, even when dealing with stage 4 and terminal cancer challenges. Personally, I know of many patients who are thriving many-many years after receiving terminal prognoses, who credit their unexpected and wonderful outcomes to Jeanne Wallace, and her customized, science-based approach. Her well-conceived programs, including her Radiation Support program, which I have reviewed, should bring great supportive-benefit to anyone who will receive radiation treatments. Her recommendations and conclusions are based on actual studies, clinical research, patient experience, and Jeanne’s keen-uncanny ability to synthesis complicated information into rational programs, that patients can readily assimilate and follow. Personally, If I was diagnosed with cancer, one of my very first phone calls would be to Jeanne’s office, to seek counsel from one of her team members, and/or to purchase her programs to help me through the often-challenging process of dealing with harsh cancer therapies. Finally, in my opinion, the wisdom and counsel offered by Jeanne Wallace and her team, is unparalleled in the world of nutritional and supplementation oncology.

Bottom line: Whether you are facing Radiation Therapy, or any cancer-fighting therapy, or any type of cancer, or stage of cancer, you should seriously consider contacting the folks at Nutritional Solutions to optimize your prospects of a successful outcome. It is imperative, in my opinion, that they should be considered an integral member of “the team,” to support your immune system, to fight cancer, and to bring about the best possible results!
Rick Shapiro, Author, Hope Never Dies, and Cancer Coach

Nutritional Solutions

Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, CNC, and Michelle Gerencser, MS, have been providing evidence-based cancer nutrition consulting since 1997. Their critically-acclaimed programs are tailored to each client's unique biochemistry.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    WELCOME! Click HERE to get started...

  • 2

    STEP 1: Assessment Testing—What Are My Priorities?

    • REPORT: Determining Your Priorities with Lab Testing [9 pages]

    • WORKSHEET: Blood Work Decoder

    • HOW TO Order Your Lab Tests through EvexiaDirect

    • CLIENT PORTAL upload files or let us know about changes

    • Let's Get Started with Some Simple Diet Guidelines

  • 3

    STEP 2: Got Oxygen?

    • Banishing Hypoxia: The Key to Effective Treatment [10 min]

    • Are You Taking Iron Supplements? Stop! [5 min]

    • REPORT—How to Boost Oxygen Levels Around Tumor Cells [7 pages]

    • Ensuring Oxygen Reaches Its Destination [15 min]

    • REPORT—Deliver the Oxygen with Strategies to Boost Circulation [4 pages]

    • What If My Hemoglobin Levels Don't Go Up? [8 min]

  • 4

    STEP 3: Helping Those Rays Do Their Job!

    • REPORT—Strategies to Boost the Therapeutic Efficacy of Radiation [9 pages]

  • 5

    STEP 4: Protecting Healthy Tissues & Dealing with Side Effects

    • REPORT—Strategies to Protect Healthy Tissues [9 pages]

    • HANDOUT: Addressing Side Effects—FATIGUE

    • HANDOUT: Support for Eating Challenges

  • 6

    STEP 5: Antioxidants: Friend or Foe?

    • Antioxidants & Radiation: A New Understanding [20 min]

    • REPORT—Review of the Research on Antioxidants & Radiation [7 pages]

  • 7

    STEP 6: Putting It All Together—Building Your Plan

    • Interactive Supplement Plan Builder [30-45min]

    • HANDOUT: Contraindicated Supplements during Radiation

    • Drug-Nutrient Interactions: What You Must Know

    • Handbook of Dietary Supplements

    • Supplement Sources & Coupons

  • 8

    TOOLBOX: Handouts, Recipes & References

    • HANDOUT: Targeted Food Choices to Maximize Radiation Therapy

    • [BONUS] Delivered to your Door: Healthy Meals & Groceries

    • RECIPES: In the Kitchen with Jeanne: Recipes to Complement Radiation

    • HANDOUT: Harnessing the Power of Mind-Body Approaches [2 pages]

    • REFERENCES [500+ published studies]


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beautifully organized and presented, making a complex and...

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