Head, Neck, Oral & Throat Cancers

Harnessing the Power of Diet & Supplements | taught by Nutritional Solutions

Course description

If you’re like most people facing cancer, you’ve been spending a lot of time searching for answers.

Is this you?

  • You believe surgery, radiation and chemotherapy aren’t enough...the body needs much more in order to heal.
  • You’re eager to ditch competing nutrition dogmas (vegan? ketogenic? paleo? macrobiotic?) and ready to leap beyond conflicting research studies (are antioxidants helpful or harmful?)
  • Seems everyone you meet suggests a different “Magic Bullet,” and you’re anxious to discover which supplements are the best choices for you…and whether they’re safe to take with your medications or treatments.
  • You’re looking for a comprehensive, evidence-based plan—diet, supplements and lifestyle strategies—that targets all 8 Hallmarks of Cancer (epigenetics, angiogenesis, immune support, etc.)
  • You want to work one-on-one with an oncology nutrition expert to craft a plan that’s tailored to your body’s unique biochemistry 
  • You’ve got enough stress on your plate right now, and you’re looking to put together a team of integrative practitioners so you can relax, feel confident, and focus on your healing journey

Then maybe you’re looking for us…

Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, CNC, has spent 20+years studying the science: more than 12,000 published studies on the anti-cancer effects of specific foods, nutrients, herbs, and supplements. 

Michelle Gerencser, MS, has guided thousands of clients through the process of applying that research to their own situation.

Our focus is on evidence-based supplements and diet strategies to build a robust anti-cancer environment in your body. 

You see, cancer cells don’t exist in isolation, they’re influenced by the body's biochemistry, what Jeanne calls the "Oncometabolic Milieu." Published studies document an array of modifiable prognostic biomarkers associated with improved survival (e.g., the Biomarkers of Survival). Assessing these biomarkers with simple lab tests lets us tailor your program to your body's exact needs (no shooting in the dark).

This program serves the following cancers

Esophageal cancer
Nasopharyngeal cancer
Laryngeal cancer
Oral cavity cancer
Lip cancer
Paranasal sinus cancer
Metastatic Squamous neck cancer with occult primary
Saliva gland cancers
Nasal cavity cancer
Tongue cancer

What's Included?

A Protocol Design Session. A 90-minute one-on-one consulting session with Michelle Gerencser, MS (via phone, Skype, FaceTime or zoom) to help you evaluate your needs, define your wellness goals, develop a supplement plan, tailor your nutrition protocol to your unique needs, and answer any questions. Get additional follow-up consulting at our hourly rate, $250/hr.

Report Of Translational Research (100+ pages)—Dr. Wallace summarizes the most compelling diet and nutrition research on head-and-neck, oral, nasal, throat, and esophageal cancers, and draws powerful, actionable conclusions that we'll help you put into practice.

Reference List (more than 600 studies)—Your report is packed with citations to research published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, so you can feel confident about your nutrition plan.

Quick Reference Guides (30 pages)—Practical instructions on how to harness the Oncometabolic Advantage right now...so you can take action in the grocery store, in the garden, in the kitchen, and ultimately in your body!

Worksheets—Innovative tools to help you build your nutrition plan, track and understand your blood work, and identify drug-nutrient interactions.

Handbook Of Dietary Supplements, an exclusive collection of supplements carefully selected on the basis of published evidence, verified quality, and efficacy for our clients. The handbook includes information on potential side effects, interactions, contraindications, and lists over-the-counter and professional quality products with guaranteed purity and potency.

What People are Saying

"Jeanne Wallace’s encyclopedic knowledge of the biochemical mechanisms that can feed or, to the contrary, greatly limit the spread of cancer impressed me when I heard her present her results at a conference organized by the National Institute of Health in 2001. As observed by researchers of the NIH, many of the patients Jeanne looked after – while they were receiving conventional medical treatment – survived far longer than originally predicted.  I have been following her advice myself since that time.  I am in her debt for many of the key ideas in my book, Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life – especially her scientific analysis of the different factors constituting the “terrain” and how to influence them with natural interventions. I probably also owe her to a large extent the good health that has enabled me to write, and to enjoy doing it.”
David Servan-Schreiber, MD
Author Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life 

"In her outstanding work, Jeanne Wallace exemplifies the wise translation of nutritional research into clinical treatments for cancer patients. Based on hard science, her nutrition protocols, which work together with conventional therapies, represent the best of complementary medicine for cancer. Dr. Wallace has documented the remarkable benefits to her clients, who also benefit from her compassionate care."
Henry Dreher
Author of The Immune Power Personality
and coauthor of Healing Mind, Healthy Woman

"I was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma of the left submandibular salivary gland. After a complete resection of the tumor, I underwent neutron radiation for microscopic residual disease. At every stage of my treatment, medical professionals commented on my quick healing and low level of side effects. I did not have a single mouth sore and was able to continue to eat throughout the month-long treatment. I attribute this considerable lessening of side effects to the protocol developed by Dr. Wallace. She helped me be a cancer survivor, not another statistic."  — Alison, Saliva (Parotid Gland) Head-and-Neck Cancer, Stage II

"Jeanne Wallace, PhD, has done pioneering work in the nutritional approach to cancer...I have been very impressed by the results and have recommended her to many of our clients. They have been uniformly pleased."
Ralph Moss, PhD
Director of www.CancerDecisions.com

"Jeanne Wallace is among a small handful of gifted practitioners who has succeeded in synthesizing the complex and wide volume of available research in the field of integrative care. Her work with brain cancer deserves further attention from the research community."
Keith I. Block, MD   
Medical Director, Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care,
Editor-In-Chief, Integrative Cancer Therapies

Nutritional Solutions
Nutritional Solutions

Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, CNC, and Michelle Gerencser, MS, have been providing evidence-based cancer nutrition consulting since 1997. Their critically-acclaimed programs are tailored to each client's unique biochemistry. www.Nutritional-Solutions.net

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by Georgianne Belknap
I'd rate it as a ten!! Really especially impressed with what is presented here given all the research and studying I've done over the past ten years as a RDN! Learn something new QD; love all the provided research


by Georgianne Belknap
I'd rate it as a ten!! Really especially impressed with what is presented here given all the research and studying I've done over the past ten years as a RDN! Learn something new QD; love all the provided research