Lymphoma & Leukemia Program

Evidence-based, Biomarker-guided Nutrition Support | taught by Nutritional Solutions

Course description

In the Oncometabolic Advantage Program for Blood Cancers, you will:

  • Determine which body environment factors are working in your favor and which may be detrimental..
  • Set personal oncometabolic goals.
  • Participate in screening for drug-nutrient-herb interactions.
  • Track your lab work to personalize and monitor your nutritional approach. Turn your oncometabolic test results into a supplement protocol.
  • Learn in what ways your current diet is supporting a healthy oncometabolic environment for you and which areas of your diet can be modified to give you a stronger advantage.
  • Plan specific diet changes to maximize your advantage.

The program serves the following types of LYMPHOMA, LEUKEMIA & MYELOMA

Adult T-cell lymphoma/leukemiaMALT lymphoma
Anaplastic large cell lymphomaMantle cell lymphoma
Anaplastic large T-cell lymphomaMarginal zone B-cell lymphoma
Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphomaMediastinal (thymic) large B-cell lymphoma
B-cell prolymphocytic leukemiaMonoclonal B cell lymphocytosis
Burkitt's lymphoma or leukemiaMonoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS)
Central Nervous System (CNS) lymphomaMultiple myeloma
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)Mycosis fungoides
Cutaneous B-cell lymphomaNK cell lymphoma
Cutaneous T-cell lymphomaNodal marginal zone-B-cell lymphoma
Diffuse large B-cell lymphomaPediatric-type follicular lymphoma
Extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphomaPeripheral T-cell lymphoma
Follicular lymphomaPrimary CNS Lymphoma
Hairy cell leukemiaPrimary effusion lymphoma
Hepatosplenic lymphomaSézary syndrome
In situ mantle cell neoplasia
Small cell lymphocytic lymphoma
Instravascular large B-cell lymphomaSplenic marginal zone B-cell lymphoma
Leukemic non-nodal mantle cell lymphomaT-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia/T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia
Lymphomatoid granulomatosisThymic large B-cell lymphoma
Lymphoplasmacytic lymphomaWaldenström macroglobulinemia

What's Included?

A Protocol Design Session—A 90- minute one-on-one consultation with Michelle Gerencser, MS (via phone, Skype, FaceTime or zoom) to help you evaluate your needs, define your wellness goals, develop a supplement plan, tailor your nutrition protocol to your unique needs, and answer any questions. Receive guidance about contraindicated supplements, drug-nutrient interactions, nutritional influences on lymphoma/leukemia, dietary strategies, and designing a supplement plan. Get additional follow-up consulting at our hourly rate, $250/hr.

Report Of Translational Research  (100 pages)—Dr. Wallace summarizes the most compelling cancer diet and nutrition research and Michelle Gerencser, MS, translates the lymphoma research into powerful, actionable conclusions that we'll help you put into practice.

Reference List (more than 500 studies)—Your report is packed with citations to research published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, so you can feel confident about your nutrition plan.

Quick Reference Guides (30 pages)—Practical instructions on how to harness the Oncometabolic Advantage right you can take action in the grocery store, in the garden, in the kitchen, and ultimately in your body!

Worksheets—Innovative tools to help you build your nutrition plan, track and understand your blood work, and identify drug-nutrient interactions.

Handbook Of Dietary Supplements, [eBook] an exclusive collection of supplements carefully selected on the basis of published evidence, verified quality, and efficacy for our clients. The handbook includes information on potential side effects, interactions, contraindications, and lists over-the-counter and professional quality products with guaranteed purity and potency.

What People are Saying

"You have no idea how wonderful a resource you are for me...the information online is vast and detailed and great....except it makes me a bit more clueless on which direction to go.  You are a very appreciated "traffic light" for when I move forward and when I stop on a dime... and I am very grateful.  —Denise, Primary CNS Lymphoma

Your office is on speed dial because I know we can count on you to help ☀💕💞💕 —Lynn, daughter of a client

Michelle not only extremely knowledgeable but also caring and kind and a pleasure to deal with...I have to say that I love having Michelle as my nutritionist. She is an important part of the team that is helping me on my path to wellness."

“Michelle, thank you so much...Your information was so helpful...You're the best! - An anchor when we are starting to drift!”

“Dear Michelle, Once again, (my son) and I would like to thank you for your thoughtful, in depth guidance of (my son's) supplemental program. We both felt very encouraged by your advice and information concerning his recovery from the problems of this past month. We have only spoken to you several times, now, but like all your clients probably, we feel such a strong bond between us. Your peaceful spirit is palpable and healing, always. "(My son), seems so much better, just having spent an hour with you. Myself also. Know that we can't help but feel like you’re family to us, somehow, and pray for you as such. We pray whatever your needs, that they may be resolved and that you will continue in strength and health. I have never met anyone who has been such a sensitive listener. Endless thanks...”

“I want to say that I enjoy our conversations. I feel like you are my most reliable partner; and I have found that reliable, caring people in the cancer field are very hard to find, unfortunately. It is so hard living with this disease hanging over our heads, but what really compounds the problem is finding people with an open mind. I wish there was just 1,000 more services such as what your team provides. Maybe in the future.”

"Michelle - Once again, a thousand thank yous for our wonderful conversation today. You have exceeded your amazing reputation. We have a great new plan to start implementing to provide the best care for our father."

"Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for the consult yesterday! What a pleasure to see you in action...positive energy, clear communication and just a lovely lovely session. It is an honor to collaborate with you."

- Dr. Jen Green, ND
  Beaumont Integrative Medicine
  Royal Oak, MI

“I feel so relieved from our session with you. Thank you! I didn't know what else to do to help my mom do what she needs to do to be well while feeling nauseated and having trouble implementing and sticking to her diet and supplement regimen. The solutions you gave, particularly to deal with the struggle with nausea and the need to lower blood sugar and use her supplements, are great, make a lot of sense, and are realistic and doable for her right now. I appreciate not only your knowledge but your compassion; All I want is my mom to win the battle and be healthy, happy, and cancer-free too.”

"Thanks again for all you do in your profession to give help and hope through the information you share with every client.  I am so grateful for getting through chemo so well and with a “quick” and thankfully continued remission.  This diagnosis, at a time when I am still working through other “life storms”, has kept me in the blessed assurance of my God, who has and will continue to walk with me through it all, continuing to bring to me, the gift of passionate professionals like you.  You have lightened a heavy burden of needing information that I haven’t had the energy or mental focus and clarity to search out for myself.  —Debbie, Non-hodgkin's Lymphoma IV

Nutritional Solutions
Nutritional Solutions

Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, CNC, and Michelle Gerencser, MS, have been providing evidence-based cancer nutrition consulting since 1997. Their critically-acclaimed programs are tailored to each client's unique biochemistry.

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Course Curriculum

5. Putting It All Together
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