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Translational Research & Potential Targets

© March 2020, Jeanne M. Wallace PhD, CNC & Michelle Gerencser, MS • UPDATED 6 APR 2020 • Evidence-based, biomarker-guided nutrition consulting for cancer patients and oncology professionals since 1997.

There are no published human studies to date on the efficacy of natural agents against SARS-CoV2 or COVID-19.
Provided here is translational research on the pathways involved in viral spread, infection, and pathogenicity.


Provided for educational purposes only, not a substitute for medical care, diagnosis, or treatment!

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Jeanne Wallace PhD CNC
Jeanne Wallace PhD CNC
Director & Founder of Nutritional Solutions

Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, CNC, is widely regarded as one of the nation’s most prominent experts in nutritional oncology. She is the founder and director of Nutritional Solutions which provides consulting to cancer patients throughout the U.S. and abroad about evidence-based dietary, nutritional and botanical support to complement conventional cancer care. She completed her undergrad studies magna cum laude at Boston University, earned her Nutrition Consulting degree at Bauman College in Santa Cruz, CA, and her Master's and PhD in nutritional biochemistry at American State University.

Dr. Wallace’s approach is grounded in the evolving understanding of the interrelationship between nutritional and metabolic factors and the hallmark characteristics of cancer cells. Her informative and inspiring presentations have been featured at dozens of cancer conferences across the U.S. With the recent explosion of studies being published in the field of nutritional oncology, she has dedicated her efforts to full-time translational research and protocol development at Nutritional Solutions. This allows us to remain at the forefront of the field. 

A PERSONAL NOTE: I have been deeply touched by cancer many times throughout my life. I have lost dear friends and family members, been the caregiver to a partner with a GBM IV brain tumor, and nurtured many loved ones on the path to long-term survivorship. My life’s mission is to empower those facing cancer...because there are powerful anti-cancer tools at your farmer’s market, in your backyard garden plot, in your kitchen, and, hopefully, on your fork! The field of oncology is changing, and there is an emerging understanding of the healing power of foods. We now have the science that explains—at the molecular and genetic level—exactly how nutrition impacts cancer. My passion is presenting that research to you and giving you the tools to incorporate it into your daily life.